by Fall Behind

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Recorded at Standing waves studio@Egerszalok, Hungary/Europe
Mixed by Peter Sohajda
Mastered by Peter Sohajda
2014 Sept.-Okt.


released October 31, 2014

Thanks: Peter Sohajda, Balazs Lengyel, Mira Szabo, Robert Juhasz, Csongor Herczeg



all rights reserved


Fall Behind Eger, Hungary

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Track Name: One hour before midnight
One Hour Before Midnight

I know tomorrow is so close, I’m just sitting all alone, watching at the moon and I’m so far away from home.
I’ve an hour before i leave today, just some memories left in my mind all the way.

Turn over this page is so old, but the words are made by gold, these pictures of the past stay in my mind like a ghost.
Tomorrow is another world, another day, another unknown universe that waiting for me.

There was a night before i met you dear tomorrow I traveled by the traffic lights in this dark and cold heights. I was thinking about my future between the present and the past, one hour before midnight.
Track Name: Darkest times
Darkest Times

Breeding your lambs into deed. Yo wanna these living being feed with toxic, that’s your creed. I mean: abrading my knees because my arms and my neck are broken or simply and solely be treed.
Do you know the feelings that’s your heart full of hatred and everything turns into dark. It’s happeing just now.
You’re looking for yourself, while I’m looking for a safe point, but this place is dark, cold and tight and my senses are disappointed. I feel your breath on my neck, but when I turn around only the darkness stares at my chest.
For now one minute only, let your anger go! Just be a human being, like you were long ago. No more treading on broken men, confront your greediness The money can't wipe your conscience, and you can't buy happiness.
Track Name: Dissolved by the ocean
Dissolved by the Ocean

Dissolved by the ocean, we put together in polluted mind everyday, all we hear and we are satisfied.
We’ve another purpose, purifying our mind today we are ready to vitiated life drop behind.

We are ready to live, without give-and take,
These words mean, we are fully awake.

So much hatred, so many lies in these days, without heart and without soul and i can’t see the blaze.
Where do we go from here? The blind will see, the deaf will hear? No, i don’t think so! We’d rather run into destruction and dissapear from here.

We make sacrifices, we can change ourselves and the world is gonna be vary.
Track Name: Human grace
Human Grace

We’re standing outside of the line, we’re permanently waiting for the sign, that makes us intolerant inside.
We clap one’s hand things get worse, but we are jelaous, if the others find their own universe.
We know the truth, but we can’t even find.
We want this absolute.
We want this road that lonley forever. We want the truth that painful but never easy and smooth like the past or a quiet sea in the middle of the working class. In The middle of a shard of glass, that makes me stronger on this point, where the command a mess and we are the toys.
We can’t live without mistakes, we can’t live without earthquakes, because we can’t stop the cycle, we must save all the idols. Nobody can’t helps us to keep ourselves alive, nothing can’t save us from the late departure and the early arrive.
Let the kingdom fall into pieces, let the slaves be free because they yearn for the freedom, hold your breath! It seems to be changeless just keep ourselves alive.